WhatsApp Stickers in Pay Mode: How to Use Them?

WhatsApp payment stickers can be attached when sending money to a user. WhatsApp recently introduced a range of payment stickers to make money transfers a fun experience. The instant messaging app has even teamed up with five Indian artists to offer a new Payments sticker pack for its users in India. You can use GB Whatsapp APK for free use of stickers that also in unlimited variety. These stickers are primarily built around the various cultural expressions associated with the exchange of money. Although stickers have been available on WhatsApp for a long time, the introduction of paid stickers is something new.

The artists behind these paid sticker sets include illustrator Anjali Mehta, cartoonist Anuja Potireddy, illustrator and muralist Niti, illustrator and artist Oshin Silva, and graphic designer Mira Felicia Malhotra.

How to use WhatsApp stickers in paid mode:

To send payments to a WhatsApp contact, the user must be registered for payments and have a linked UPI bank account. This can be done by clicking the three dots icon in the top right corner of the main screen and going to the “Payments” section. Once this is set up, WhatsApp payment labels can be added when sending money to the user instead of writing a text message. Follow the easy steps to send payment stickers when you send someone money on WhatsApp.

  1. Open WhatsApp, go to the chat of the user who you want to send money
  2. Click on the Rupee icon in the text bar
  3. A new page will open up asking you the amount of money you want to transfer. Enter the amount.
  4. Below the amount box, an option to ‘Add a note’ appears. Click on the smiley option there and then select sticker button.
  5. Users can add stickers by clicking on + icon on the top right corner of the window. Once the sticker pack is downloaded, it will show up in the sticker section.
  6. Select the sticker you want to send with the money, click on Next.
  7. Click on Send Payment, enter the UPI code, and the money will be sent to the user.
  8. The notification will go to the user along with the sticker attached to it.

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